We’re Getting Married


Logan Groves

Logan Groves - Best Man

No, he is not my older brother, even though he is taller and cooler. And more adventuresome. Logan, my younger brother, with a far more active personality, is a great guy and lifelong friend. When he is not fishing, he’s riding his bike… which sometimes leads to bad consequences if he is distracted with his […]

Bryan Shadron

Bryan Shadron - Groomsman

The “Shadmasta” is one of Brian’s best friends, one of the people he met Freshman year at Virginia Tech. Bryan and I have stayed great friends, due to similar personalities and adventuresome spirits. If only we had better coordinated our summers traveling Europe – he and Jonathan did it a year after me! Sadly ladies, […]

Jonathan Sorah

Jonathan Sorah - Groomsman

Doctor Sorah (soon-to-be) is currently in med school, and on the road to becoming an awesome “Doc”. Brian and Jonathan met Freshman year through mutual friends, and over the years developed a great friendship. Ladies, he is off the market.

Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter - Groomsman

Stephen will one day have a son named Bear. A jokester on the outside, and a phenomenal person through and through. Brian and Stephen met Freshman year at Virginia Tech, and toiled through many classes together as Aerospace Engineers.

Michael Snow

Michael Snow - Groomsman

Mike, or better known as “Sno”, is a friend of Brian’s from Virginia Tech. Brian and Sno met at [nlcf], the on-campus church. Over the course of my time at VT, we became close friends, working closely to coordinate the technical side of several local churches and vtONE.

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy - Groomsman

Phil, better known as the “Shaggy Turtle”, has been a friend of Brian’s from Charlotte for a long time. We met at church – he was the sound guy, and I the lighting guy (a common theme). Since then, he’s become a great friend.