We’re Getting Married


Madeline Hyatt

Madeline Hyatt - Maid of Honor

Madi is my confidant, best friend, sister and Irish twin (which means we are less than a year apart). She was the first person to tearfully hug me after Brian’s proposal, during which she was hiding in the bushes taking pictures! She is a senior at Covenant College as a philosophy/pre-law major.

Gracie Groves

Gracie Groves - Bridesmaid

Gracie (Laura Grace) is my sister-to-be, although we both agree we’re already sisters! This past summer she spent 6 weeks traveling out west and has some awesome stories. She is a junior, cheerleader & soccer player at Covenant Day High School and has started the college search!

Laura Beth Harward

Laura Beth Harward - Bridesmaid

Laura Beth lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her studdly husband Michael. She was my Bible study leader freshman year, but we have stayed in touch, talking upwards of 2 hours every few weeks for the last 5 years. She is in her final year of Occupational Therapy School at UAB.

Sarah Humphrey

Sarah Humphrey - Bridesmaid

Sarah and I were introduced by Kelsey our freshman year at UNC. We decided the night we met to room together and did for 3 years. She, more than anyone, has prepared me to live in close quarters with Brian! Sarah is a music director at Maureen Joy Charter School in Durham, NC.

Kelsey Hymel

Kelsey Hymel - Bridesmaid

Kelsey and I became friends her senior (my junior year) in high school at Covenant Day. I followed her to UNC the next year, and we stayed friends through college. I spent a lot of afternoons at her house doing homework and helping plan her and Jon’s wedding over a year ago!

Maddie Poole

Maddie Poole - Bridesmaid

Maddie sought me out her freshman year looking for a Bible study. Almost every week since then we met to talk about Jesus, craft, play racquetball, eat jelly beans, or watch the sunset. Maddie is a senior at UNC and plans to move to Seattle as an intern for Campus Crusade.